Conference and party facilities

It is possible to arrange conferences and parties at Fossesholm all year around. We have conference rooms suitable for weddings, confirmations, commemorative gatherings, courses, concerts etc. We can also receive groups for guided tours if agreed in advance.

In the reconstructed barn and in Steinfjøset (the stone barn) we have rooms suitable for arrangements for 20 as well as up to 200 persons.  The framework around it all is the Cappelen family magnificent premises dating back to the 1760-ies.

Your arrangement may be combined with guided touring of the manor, a visit in the arts and crafts shop, the Resistance Museum or a boat trip on the Eikern lake.

For further information, please contact us at
+47 32 25 03 00.
Our conference facilities:

(the barn) 
contains three different rooms, all well suited for parties.  Here you get the perfect setting for small and bigger events. 
The rooms are ideal for parties,  taking from 20 to 120 persons, and they are all surrounded by the magnificent courtyard.  There is also a suitable party room upstairs with exit through the barn bridge.

For further information call
+47 32 25 03 00.

Steinfjøset: (the stone barn)
dating back to 1785 adds an intimate atmosphere to your arrangement. The room is ideal for parties between 35 and 65 persons.  The stone barn itself has direct exit to the courtyard. 

For further information call
+47 32 25 03 00.
The hall in the barn
The stone barn.